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Dual-Processor(DP) systems are those that contain two seperate physical computers processor in same chassis.In a Dual Core configuration,an integrated circuit
(IC) contains two complete computer processors.Usually,the two identical are manufactured so they reside side-by-side on the same die,each with its own part to the system front-side bus.


Multi-core is something of an expansion to dual-core technology and allows for more than two seperate processors.

A Dual-Core processor has many advantages especially for those looking to boot their system's multitasking computer power.Dual-core processor provides two complete execution cores instead of one,each with an independent interface to frontside bus since each core has its own cache,the operating system has sufficient resources to handle intensive task in parallel which provide a noticeable improvement to multitasking.

Complete optimisation for Dual-core processor requires both the operating system and applications running on the computer to support a technology called thread-level parallelism.Hyper-threading is a technology that enables running multiple demanding applications at the same time.
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